Environmentally Superior

Using goats is an all natural, eco-friendly way to clear and fertilize sensitive or hard to manage areas of land.

No pesticides or weed killer here.

These friendly chompers have been doing the job for thousands of years. Goats also digest seeds to prevent the spread of the invasive plants.
Think of the money you spend on gas, pesticides, tractors, and all the other gear just to reclaim your land. Our team of munchers love blackberries and don't much care for grass. Their activity ultimately promotes native plants and grasses.

No Chemicals and Herbicides

  • Digests Seeds
  • Save on Fuel Consumption
  • Free Fertilizer


Goats Prior to Tractor Work

If you do need to use a tractor, goats are great for opening up sites to allow the operator to see the hazards of the terrain, making the job go faster and saving you money.

Agile and Productive

Goats won't cause erosion and are suited for sensitive areas, as well as steep terrain.
Able to go where people and equipment cannot, such as steep slopes and rocky terrain
Soft soils – light animal low impact
Wetlands and Green Spaces
Goats are not deterred by dense thickets of thorns: blackberries, Russian olive
Goats like eating plants that irritate humans: Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, English Ivy
Goats love to eat brush and weeds more than grass

Good for Business

Using goats to maintain your property enhances your brand as a progressive eco friendly business.
Our sustainable business model is designed to aid in the creation of dynamic habitat for humans and animals. We work with cities, public utilities, landowners and colleges such as Chemeketa Community College to use goats as a viable low cost alternative to destructive or expensive land maintenance habits.
Current organizations that use the power of goats include:
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Reclamation
The Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S. Forest Service

Goat powerFun

People love seeing the goats at work, they find their demeanors and activity soothing.
Its much more relaxing to look out your office window and see a herd of goats peacefully grazing than it is to listen to two stroke engines all day.  Goats also work at least twelve hours a day.  That means that Goat Power is nibbling away at your project even during the night.

  • Great publicity
  • People stop and take notice
  • Relaxing and entertaining