Goat Power!


Often times multiple treatments will be needed to turn the tides on the blackberries, scotch broom and poison oak. This can be done a couple of times during the growing season or once a year. The key to developing a management plan is understanding what you would like to do with your property and how quickly you would like to see your goals realized.

Vegetation Removal

Goat Power defoliates the plants and all that is left behind are the stems. Often times the old canes are crushed by the goats repeatedly walking on them. The leaves are turned into fertilizer and left to help cultivate healthy soil. We typically don't haul anything away except for our goats when the job is done. However for smaller residential jobs we can cut and remove blackberry canes for an additional service fee.

Invasive Plant Management

The key to understanding management vs control is that typically these overgrown areas have an established invasive plant population. In areas that are overgrown with blackberry, ivy and scotch broom you have to work with the natural cycle of the plants to minimize their population density over time. Nothing is a "silver bullet" when it comes to invasives. Instead you have to limit the growth of the invasives and slowly give native plants an opportunity to flourish and re-establish.

Weed Control

  • Vegetation Removal
  • Black mustard
  • Blackberry
  • Bull thistle
  • Canada golden rod
  • Canada thistle
  • Cheat Grass