Goat PowerAbout the Shepherdess

Briana Murphy has loved animals all her life.  So she is happy spending her days caring for her animals and helping people reclaim their property.


Location/Where we work

We are based out of the Portland area but have clients in the Columbia Gorge all the way down to Salem. 

We have worked with corporate complexes, golf courses, apartments, vineyards and farmers.  With a diverse client base we have the experience needed to understand the unique circumstances presented by each job. 

What type of consulting do you offer?
We will work with you to develop a treatment strategy that is unique to your goals and timeline.

Client Testimonials

"In the fall of 2012 I met with Briana Murphy (Goat Power) and I talked her about one of our sites that were a vineyard and the issues with blackberries and poison oak. The vineyard is very sensitive to chemicals needed to control curtain species of weeds and I needed to clear around the area of the vineyard. Briana's statements were very up front on what the goats would eat and clear in the amount of time they would need to be on site. I wanted a lot of the under bush and poison oak cleared to expose the ground so we could bring in the proper equipment to clear the large black berry vines and other large woody growth. The goats cleared the lower brush and vegetation.

Cost is something to consider, but with the vineyard it's very sensitive to chemicals needed to control curtain species of weeds. Having the right shepherd or shepherdess to tend to the goats is also a great factor in the performance of the herd, Briana kept the herd concentrated and controlled in the area of the greatest need.

When I talked with Briana, she bought a better understanding of what to expect and the factor of no chemicals to harm the grapes and moving in the direction of a cleaner environment and after I saw the results of the project Goat Power preformed my expectation was met.

In late spring when they come back to the area the goats will clear and move through faster in the smaller new growth and we have a better chance of controlling the poison oak and black berry vines. At this point I would like to use Goat Power in other outreach campuses.

I was impressed with the results I received with the Goat Power and look forward to future vegetation control projects."