Goat Power is the natural solution for blackberry and invasive plant control for the greater Portland area.

We use the natural power of goats to clear areas of blackberries, thistle, and other fire fuels. This saves you time and money, and it's good for the environment!

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All Natural Baby

Goat power is an all natural,
eco-friendly way to clear and fertilize sensitive or hard to manage areas of land.

No pesticides or weed killer here. These friendly chompers have been doing the job for thousands of years. Goats also digest seeds to prevent the spread of the invasive plants. Goats won't cause erosion and are suited for sensitive areas, as well as steep terrain.

Save Cash & Grass

Goats can save you money on maintaining and clearing your land.

Think of the money you spend on gas, pesticides, tractors, and all the other gear just to reclaim your land. Our team of munchers love blackberries and don't much care for grass. Their activity ultimately promotes native plants and grasses.

Take Back Your Land

Get the most value out of your property.

Our sustainable business model is designed to aid in the creation of dynamic habitat for humans and animals. We work with cities, public utilities and landowners to see goats as a viable low cost alternative to destructive or expensive land maintenance habits.